Payment Terms

The following terms and conditions (“Special Terms”) apply to direct debits payable to Wed Your Way where you choose to pay your Fees by Direct Debit Instruction. These Special Terms apply in addition to those terms and conditions specifically applying to (and accompanying) the software or service you have licensed or purchased.

1. Definitions

1.1 In these Special Terms the following words shall have
the following meaning: “Commencement Date” means the first day upon which we receive your Direct Debit Instruction; “Direct Debit Instruction” means the completed instruction from you to your bank or building society authorising us to collect the Fees from your account in twelve monthly instalments (or otherwise as agreed) in accordance with these Special Terms; and “Fee” means the licence fee and/or service fee we have agreed shall be payable by direct debit by you to us for use by you of our software or services.

2. Our obligations to you We will notify you of any increase in the amount of
the Fee as and when this applies, for example where you add additional software or services to your account or upgrade existing software or services or
where you renew your use of software or services for an additional period of time.

3. Non-renewal or termination

3.1 If you do not agree to the variation of the Fees notified to you in accordance with clause 2 of these Terms you may be able to return and/or cancel the software or service it relates to. Please note that return and
cancellation terms may not always apply. For further details see the returns policy in your software licence and any cancellation terms in your service agreement.

3.2 If you are paying by monthly direct debit and you wish to terminate the Direct Debit Instruction during the term of the Agreement, you must give us 30 days prior written notice and must maintain the Direct Debit Instruction during such notice period. Where no return or cancellation term applies to the software or service covered by the direct debit, we shall be immediately
entitled to the balance of the Fees, which are due at the date of termination (if any).

3.3 You agree that you shall not alter or cancel your Direct Debit Instruction prior to our receipt of any monies due under this clause 3 of these Special Terms.

4. Cancellations

4.1 Written notification is required for any cancellation or amendment

4.2 In the event of you making a cancellation you will be liable for the following charges calculated as a percentage of your package total less your deposit: 

30 days before wedding day = 90%, 

31-60 days before wedding day = 70% 

61-90 days before wedding day = 50% 

and 91 or more days before wedding day = 30%

4.3 An amendment is a change to your details that were originally submitted at the time of booking and may be subject to an administrative charge.

4.4 We advise clients to check with their insurance policy as under this eventuality such charges may be covered by your policy.

4.5 In the unlikely event that we cancel your booking, we will refund any fund paid.