Photography Rules for Wedding Guests

Photography Rules for Wedding Guests

What happens when your guests overstep the mark with their photo taking, getting up in your space or getting in the way of your professional photographer? Whilst you want your guests to take photos during the day and especially in the evening, should you set some rules beforehand?

It’s most certainly becoming a trend to introduce an unplugged ceremony into your special day, meaning your guests should put their phone away for a little while, letting a professional photographer capture the special moments of your ceremony. From our experience, there’s always one guest who wants to grab the bride and groom as much as possible and take way too many up close photos to remember the moment but whilst this is endearing, it also becomes a problem when you’ve paid for a professional photographer. 

As your guests are your closest friends and family it’s expected that they will want to take pictures and you will definitely want access to all their pictures for you to look back on so make a point beforehand that pictures will only be allowed at a certain time, whether that’s after the ceremony or even later in the day when all the formalities are done. Your guests should stick by these rules and let a professional do the work. Most couples will include a polite notice in their invitations, you can even find poems online to inform your guests that the professional photos will be shared with them after the wedding, so they can sit back and relax and enjoy your ceremony as a guest.

The number one rule is not to let anything bother you on your big day, there may be some things that go wrong and sometimes it can be your guests getting slightly too involved but taken from our experience, hiring a wedding photographer/videographer means them taking the initiative to politely ask your guests to step aside when they’re getting that perfect shot. An experienced professional will make sure you can relax and place your trust in them to perfectly capture your special day, snap happy guests and all!


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