How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Cost?

How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Cost?

Some couples consider wedding videography as unnecessary however it’s quite the opposite. Your wedding video is something to treasure for a lifetime, to look back on to reminisce and watch your guests around you enjoying themselves whilst you’re in the bliss bubble of newly weds. These are only a few reasons why you should consider a wedding videographer for your special day and we’ll help you decide by breaking down the costs.

Here at Wed Your Way we offer four different packages depending on what you want for your big day and these vary in price to include a more basic (but definitely not basic) package to a package completely covering your whole day. Take a look at our packages below and contact us if you want to use our services:

The Bronze Package
This is our cheapest package at £750 yet still offers so much to showcase your big day. Using one of our experienced videographers, we’ll arrive either before your bridal prep and stay until the end of your ceremony/wedding breakfast or we can arrive later to film your reception through to the first dance. This package is approximately 5 hours filming time but we always meet our couples beforehand to discuss your exact requirements. With a custom engraved USB you’ll receive an edited 3 to 5 minute highlight film to treasure for the rest of your life.

The Silver Package
Priced at £995 this package offers two of our videographers to capture your day. This means whilst one videographer is with the bride in the morning, the other can be with the groom and throughout the day much more footage will be captured to add to your highlight film. With approximately 8 hours of filming time, we can either arrive before your bridal prep until the end of the speeches or the beginning of your ceremony to the first dance. An edited 4 to 8 minute highlight film will be created and given to you on a custom engraved USB to share with your family and keep forever.

The Gold Package
As our packages go up in price, the offer becomes so much better. For only £1,495 the gold package offers two of our videographers with approximately 10 hours of filming time. This package gives you an opportunity to capture the full days events minus the evening reception. We will arrive before your bridal prep and capture every special moment up to your first dance, meaning the most important moments of your big day can be included in your highlight film. Whilst we will include a 3 to 5 minute highlight film, you will also receive a 10 minute extended version showing you the absolute best moment from your special day, given to you on a custom engraved USB.

The Diamond Package
Our fourth package includes everything you want to see from your wedding day. Priced at £2,295 two of our experienced videographers will attend and capture approximately 12 hours of your day starting from the bridal prep through to your evening reception, meaning the whole day will be included for you to view in your final video. As with all other packages, we include a 3 to 5 minute highlight film but the beauty of the diamond package is the 30 to 40 minute directors cut we will create. Depending on what style you want, we can request messages from guests, create a story or even a documentary style video. This package is completely flexible and accommodates all your individual needs. You will receive the highlight film and directors cut on a special custom engraved USB.

So, if you’re considering hiring a wedding videographer for your special day, contact us and find out more about our packages. We can’t wait to work with our future couples.



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