Autumn Trends 2019

Autumn Trends 2019

It’s hard to believe we’re still in Summer and the weather in the UK is making that fact much less believable!

But as we only have just over a month left of this season, why don’t we plan for the next. For all those Autumn brides out there you’ve got some gorgeous trends coming up. Let’s take a look at what will be trending this Autumn.

As usual the darker, richer colours tend to introduce themselves in Autumn. Expect a lot of plum and burgundy tones throughout the season giving an indulging and expensive feel. Most would compliment these rich colours with pastels and neutrals to bring some light to your day however a crisper complementary colour would look just as appealing; think misty blues and iced blush paired with ivory instead of crisp white to bring the tones to a warmer compromise. As the season changes from Summer to Autumn, the colour trends follow, adapting to the natural surroundings of this beautiful season.

Forget the old school tier upon tier, have to have a topper, thick iced wedding cakes. A sure trend this Autumn is the more humble of cakes. Think clean yet textured and elegant. A huge trend this year in general is the naked cake, where the cake isn’t all bare and exposing itself (how rude!) but each tier has a thin layer of frosting with only a little of the cake itself showing through. Dressed up with small bunches of flowers and draping greenery you’ve mastered the art of being completely on trend. If you are opting for a smaller cake but still want to offer your guests a slice, think about cake trays, cupcakes or even seasonal pies!

From earthy to bold, richer tones floral arrangements look stunning in Autumn. Warm browns, burgundy and oranges are popular giving that natural look along with the richer colours. Lift your arrangements with some lighter colours to make everything completely stand out. Another popular trend comes in the form of jewels, but not something you wear around your neck, the colours you choose for your floral arrangements; think reds, purples and emerald greens giving that bold velvety style.

Imagine romance and elegance. That’s what your ceremony and reception should offer in Autumn. Copper is popular, bringing a metallic shine to a darker, bolder colour scheme. It seems this Autumn, we’re building up not out! Tall candles, and candelabras or tall, slim trees adorned with orange leaves bringing the outdoors in (just don’t put candles and leaves on the same centrepiece or you’ll end up with quite a disaster on your hands!) Whether you go for natural leaves or artificial, this fiery orange colour will definitely look amazing! When it comes to stationery, calligraphy is always a huge hit right?! Incorporate these breezy fonts in to your invitations, welcome boards and everything else. A timeless style!

Don’t forget, a lot of Autumn style can be brought over to the Winter months so don’t restrict yourself seasonally. It’s just more fun to plan around seasonal colour schemes and gives you a great base to start planning!


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