What’s Your Videography Style?

What’s Your Videography Style?

Believe it or not, there’s much more to think about than just booking a wedding videographer.

If you’ve read our recent blog 19 Questions to ask your Wedding Videographer, you should have covered the basics and asked them everything you need to know ready for your special day. The next step is to figure out everything you want from your wedding video because you can’t underestimate just how important it will be to look back on in later life.

We’re going to break down 5 different wedding videography styles so you can decide which is the most fitting with your vision.

If you want to capture the true emotions and the romantic atmosphere of your wedding day, your style should be cinematic. Creating a movie style video means perfecting the angles on the day and including the most fitting filters and transitions throughout the editing process. The cinematic style produces a fairly similar result to storytelling. Whether you want to include voice overs in this style of filming is completely your choice but expect a lot of slow mo, to give that goosebumps feeling and aerial shots to give it some oomph!

Short Form
As a short highlight video you’ll expect a fairly simple process of getting ready, ceremony and reception. A short 3 to 5 minute highlight film will be created from the footage throughout the day showing the most important snippets. Short form films are easy to share with friends and family and even on social media, just make sure you agree with your videographer before sharing it due to copyright (we’d be absolutely delighted if one of our couples wanted to share their video!)

This style definitely links with most other styles but rightly so, deserves a category of its own! Storytelling is a popular choice and a powerful one at that. Most of the time this option does rely on voice-overs to guide you through the day however if that’s not your thing, don’t fear as videographers can use whatever method you want of telling your story, whether that’s voice-over, text or music. A storytelling film will focus on your story of love and you as a couple rather than what’s going on around you.

Forget staging things for the camera, documentaries will show you the completely natural goings-on at your wedding. A much less polished video but something so authentic you’ll capture the real reactions and audio moments from your big day.

This style has been one of the most popular for a long time, until filming became much more versatile and more styles developed over the years. A traditional video will focus much more on the formal aspects of your wedding like the ceremony and reception other than focusing on your getting ready time for example. A traditional video is a much more straightforward film and wouldn’t necessarily use aerial footage or different editing techniques, instead using a hand held camera and a much more formal editing process.

Just remember, whatever filming style you want it will look amazing! You can mix things up a bit and choose to have different styles within the video at pivotal moments, it’s your big day so definitely your choice!


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