19 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

19 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life…

Meaning you want everything to be perfect, especially when it comes to capturing those special memories. Before you get wed, you need to write down everything you want from a videographer, usually you’d have to think of those all important questions to ask them as there are so many options to pick from. Luckily for you our experienced videographers are asked the same questions on a frequent basis, so we’ve decided to remind you of what questions should be asked before the big day.

Before even booking your wedding videographer, make sure to ask the vital questions

1.Are you available for my wedding?
Whilst this may seem like a very obvious question it should always be the first question asked. Don’t get your hopes up on your dream videographer to then find out they’re already booked for another wedding. Good videographers can get booked up 12 months if not more in advance, especially on popular days!

2.How much videography experience do you have and how many weddings do you film each year?
Don’t underestimate how important your wedding video will be in later life. You should always check how experienced your videographer is before booking them. Someone with a lot of videography experience will completely understand the fast pace of a wedding day and be able to capture everything around them making sure you get to see all the best bits from your special day. The more weddings a videographer films, the more examples you get to see but on the flip side make sure they’re not too busy because editing your video takes time and precision.

3.How would you describe your videography style?
There are so many ways of filming and this is something you have to be certain of before booking any videographer. An experienced videographer will be able to match your preferred style. Our videographers have a lot of experience in the industry meaning we can be completely versatile dependent on your individual needs. Share your vision for the perfect video.

Not quite sure what style of video you want? Read our Videography Styles blog to help make your decision.

4.Can I see a full-length example of one of your wedding videos?
All experienced videographers will have examples to show you of different weddings and their varied styles. If you want to see more than just a highlight example then just ask your videographer, they understand how important this is to you and want to show you what they can provide and just how high their filming standards are.

5.Are you used to working with photographers on the day?
Every videographer will have experience coordinating with someone else on the day of filming and when it comes to weddings, that tends to be the photographer. All experienced videographers will know the best way of coordinating with someone else but it’s always worth asking this question and providing the contact details of your photographer so they can meet in advance to ensure the day runs perfectly.

6.If you haven’t worked at my venue before, will you visit beforehand to plan your filming?
A videographer only makes life harder for themselves if they don’t prepare, meaning it would take a very inexperienced videographer to rock up on the day of your wedding without a clue where to go. Videographers have to know the layout of your venue beforehand including plug sockets etc. If they haven’t been to the venue before you are more than obliged to request they plan a visit to speak to the venue coordinator.

7.Are you the videographer who will be filming on the day?
It’s best to clear this up beforehand because you don’t want to feel disappointed if someone else turns up on the big day and you weren’t expecting it, even if they’re just as skilled as the initial person you had been in contact with. A trustworthy company should explain this to you but make sure you ask the question if not.

8.How do you film on the day?
From seeing the examples you should have an idea of the standard of a videographer but sometimes it may leave you wondering how they captured these amazing shots?! Check beforehand that the filming will be natural and you don’t have to spend your day posing, an experienced videographer will be able to make the most natural situations in to a magical memory.

9.What payment plans do you offer?
With most videographers you’ll be required to pay a deposit then at some point down the line the remaining cost would be expected in full however with Wed Your Way we offer three payment plans through a direct debit, taking the stress out of paying for your wedding video.

Take a look at our Packages for a further breakdown of payment plans.

10.What exactly do I get for my money?
We offer packages starting from basic filming with 1 videographer and a short video, all the way up to our top package which includes 2 videographers, a long video including speeches and the first dance and so much more. If you have any questions regarding price and services included you have to clear this up with your videographer straight away.

So, you’ve booked your videographer. Now it’s time to consider what questions should be asked in preparation for the big day.

11.How many videographers and cameras will be available on the day?
This is completely dependant on the package you request. Ours start off with 1 videographer and 1 camera in comparison with our higher priced packages of 2 videographers with 2 cameras and a drone for aerial filming.

12.What parts of the day will you capture?
This is completely dependant on the package you choose but make sure, to avoid disappointment, you choose the package you believe will perfectly capture your big day and everything you want to look back on.

13.We want to go to an additional location, would there be an extra charge?
Most videographers will charge extra for this request as it’s a travel cost. We only charge an additional £195 for this request so if you have a location in mind raise it straight away so this can be included in your package.

14.If we want dialogue in our video is that an issue?
Not at all! As long as you make clear what you want from the initial meeting any experienced videographer will be able to arrange the necessary equipment for the dialogue with the venue, meaning you don’t have to stress about it.

15.Are there any additional costs?
If there are any extra requests for your videographer then there will be additional costs on top of your package. We are completely transparent with our prices meaning you’ll know exactly what’s included in the package price and what extras we can offer you for an additional charge.

You’ve had your special day, danced the night away and married the love of your life, now it’s time to check on your wedding video.

16.How long will it take to edit the video?
Dependant on the package you requested this can take approximately 1 week for a short 5 minute film, however if you pick the top package, because of the intricate details being included in your video, this could take up to 4 weeks. If you want small snippets in the meantime you’re completely obliged to request this option from your videographer.

17.How is the final video delivered?
The most common, up to date delivery method is by USB because we believe DVD’s to be a little old school these days! You can request extra USB copies for your loved ones for a small charge too.

18.Who owns the copyright of the video?
We’ll always give you permission to share your video on social media if that’s your thing. Make sure to sign a contract with your videographer before the wedding.

19.Can I make changes once I’ve seen the video?
Any experienced videographer will give you the opportunity to amend your wedding video but there shouldn’t be too much to change. With Wed Your Way we give you three revisions after the first draft to request changes.


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